Frequently Asked Questions


I made a typo when filling out my address. Can I change it?

Please contact us as soon as possible at hello@filistudio.com with your name, order reference and amended address if your order has not shipped yet. Usually orders ship out within two business days, so it is very important that you contact us as soon as possible.


Why I don't have a tracking on my order?

If at check out you selected "Economy (with no tracking #)", your order will ship with no tracking.


What are the shipping options?

    • Economy - USPS - No tracking # - 6-8 business days shipping.
    • Standard - USPS - With tracking # - 4-6 business days shipping.
    • Free shipping for orders over $35 | 4-6 business days shipping.


What are good surfaces to apply vinyl stickers?

Vinyl stickers do stick well on almost all types of smooth, flat, clean and dry surfaces.

Keep in mind that the smoother, the flatter and the cleaner the surface is, the longer your sticker will stay on.


Are they surfaces I should not apply vinyl stickers on?

    • Porous and textured surfaces. These surfaces are not your best friends to put stickers on.
    • Extreme curved surfaces and complex curves may not work well for your stickers.
    • Surfaces with treatments or coating will affect how stickers stick.
    • Material, such as fabric, will not work well for stickers either. 
    • Dirty and/or dusty surfaces will make your stickers less sticky. They will end up peeling off.


Some recommendations to apply stickers: 

    • Clean and thoroughly dry the surface.
    • Apply the sticker at ambient temperature.
    • Make sure there are no bubbles or creases.
    • Can be repositioned if removed carefully.
    • Place a parchment - or wax - paper on the sticker and gently scrap the sticker area with a plastic card – ensuring there are no folds at the edges of the sticker.
    • Allow sticker to air dry completely.
    • Avoid chemicals on stickers for longer lifetime.
    • For best results, the single-use application is recommended.


Additional recommendations to apply clear stickers: 

Note: Clear stickers have a white backing and do not appear transparent until peeled off of the backing.

Avoid touching the back of the sticker with your hand to prevent fingerprints. Try these options:

    • Use transfer tape to move your sticker from its backing paper onto the surface of your choice.
    • Handle the sticker from the edges.
    • Wear lint-free gloves


Clear stickers: Matte finish vs Glossy finish?

    • Clear stickers with Matte finish are translucent.
    • Clear stickers with Glossy finish are transparent.


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For any questions that are not listed here, please feel free to contact hello@filistudio.com